Is Chevalier Book 2 Available TODAY? YES, FRIEND! YES!

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Please excuse my breathless headline, but indeed Chevalier Book 2 is now fit for public consumption. If you’re one of the maybe two people who has followed Chevalier from the beginning, then this will be the first book that contains scenes that you’ve never read (and from here on out, the Chevalier series will be 100% new and 163% awesome!)

Chevalier Book 2: The Salt Rose concerns the group’s resident alchemist Farrbiner and his trip back to his home city: Agoda-Bas. As the city’s rowdy festival season roars on, Farrbiner meets with his former master and is asked to perform an unsavory task: to murder his ex-boyfriend. Will he go through with this ludicrous request or will he find that the city has other plans for him?

You can pick up the story from JMS Books starting today (well, yesterday actually) for 20% until next Sunday and from some of your favorite retailers starting next week (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Allromance, etc.).

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