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So I’ve been thinking hard about releasing a little thing next month. A little buffet of fresh and never before seen works bundled in an easily digestible format. I’m calling it Boy’s Club Vol 1 (not to exclude women from the mix, but to highlight the cavalcade of male flesh within).

So far it includes: Product Placement about two near future reality stars and the thin line between sexy advertising and flat out pornography, and Least Valuable Player about a rendezvous between a tentative baseball player and a stern older man. In addition, there’s also a demo of an upcoming erotic choose-your-own-adventure called Rubbish & Romance featuring a proper gentleman and a host of questionable suitors in an off-kilter, alt-history Victorian England. And there’s more to come!

Brisk sales would reflect in a higher quality of the (still in development) game, bigger and better Boy’s Club bundles in the future [professional design, swanky art, more stories] and one very grateful sex writer.

So the question is: would you be willing to pay somewhere in between $3 to $5 to have access to brand new material months before the rest of the world? Or do you totally hate me?

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Would you pay between $3 to $5 for access to a bundle of brand new stories, games, and assorted goodies?

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