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The french, those eloquent fuckers, have referred to the post-orgasmic state as la petite mort or “the little death.”  If sex and orgasm are little deaths then you’re going to kick the bucket about fifteen times when my flash fiction collection comes out on June 30th.


Fun fact: Go Deeper Press (the gracious and awesome publishers) initially rejected my manuscript because it didn’t have enough sex. So I sat down, reworked it, and UPPED THE GAY SEX ANTE by a factor of WHOA!

In this collection you’ll read an extremely unorthodox eulogy in “Paul,” peak into the strange, free-associative world of “Mike’s Dream Journal: December 2013,” and do “One or Two Bad Things” in a shitty hotel room.  Along with, you know, over a dozen other stories!

If you’d like a preview of the kind of tale you can expect, check out this blog post from Go Deeper Press which contains my 500 word story “Ceci n’est pas un western.”

Srsly, you guys are going to love it.


4 responses to “Boy Stories by Benji Bright—a ton of little deaths”

  1. Curt Clark says:

    One story released and I’m hooked. Cannot wait to see the rest of these!

    • Benji Bright says:

      I hope it knocks you over with awesomeness, Curt! And speaking of awesomeness, how are you? How’s things?!

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