Blessings [A Custom Story]

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Three-Word Prompt: Heavenly Host Orgy

Michael smoked a joint. Mostly he liked the way the smoke curled, but the marijuana cigarettes came at a premium. Transporting goods from the world had become difficult since the Fall. It had the curious effect of awakening desire within him and so he called the Host to him with the full reach of his Voice.

They attended to him, prepared to submit to the whims of their archangel. Submission, he thought, is pleasing in heaven. He smiled gently to them and opened his thoughts to them. Like a revelation, like the word itself, like sunlight it spread between them and through them and they knew his mind, and so too they were filled with desire. Their chests heaved with the seed of want, sprouting to full fruition. The Host grew lecherous. No—

Those divine bodies were incapable of lechery, Michael thought, as he watched them shed their diaphanous robes and expose the hard flesh underneath, which any mortal men would be envious of and covetous toward. These bodies which contained God’s Grace could never be lecherous, no matter how they inspired Michael toward hardness, no matter how he intended to fill them.

One angel, the first to be fucked, cried out as he was penetrated and came instantly, spewing hot cum into the air. He came again as another took their pleasure with him, and so on, until a tributary of life-giving seed ran freely from him and his glazed expression told the story of his blessed submission. Michael’s breast filled with joy and his cock with joy, here was true humility, here was making your will small before the will of God.

Elsewhere another angel was fucked by two of his cohort simultaneously and Michael felt dizzy with pride. Such light filled this angel that his eyes shed golden tears and his swollen cock throbbed in time to his partners’ thrusts. Michael watched and frigged his cock with strokes so elegant and sublime that it would destroy a mortal man. Here is evidence of God’s beneficence he thought and the double-fucked angel edged closer to orgasm so spectacularly that all eyes were drawn to him. A thin sheen of sweat laid across his firm chest and back, streams of it dripped down between the taut, round cheeks of his ass. When he delivered forth his holy fluid, a chime sounded, clear and beautiful to pierce the hearts of all who heard it. Michael took this as a sign and shouted a blessing over the Host and they were glad.

Afterward an angel came and bowed before Michael in good, true submission and Michael offered this angel a second blessing. He jerked his vessel so hard that thunder struck in the distance and let loose his prodigious offering onto the angel’s upturned, smiling face. Stream after stream of sticky, hot cum leapt from Michael’s cockhead and each was gratefully received by the angel. By the end, he was well and truly covered. Michael smiled. This was good.

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