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Hey folks,

Remember me? Yeah, the tireless (pfft!) purveyor of smut and wonderfulness that you have come to know and love?

Here’s a bunch of things, in no particular order, that I’ve wanted to say [either about this website or not about this website]

1. I’ve been sick for the past week. Not death sick, but sicker than I’ve been for a while. I actually had to go to the doctor. I rarely do, but I’m glad I did. I’m on antibiotics, which means I can’t drink, so I’m surly, but not very surly, because then I’d feel guilty and awful and…

2. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a porn concierge service? Someone who familiarizes themselves with your taste and then combs the internet looking for something to get you off. In my head it sounds sexy, but I feel like the real life application would end up being gross and demeaning. Sigh. Glad I deal in fantasy here.

3. I’m thinking about doing another content explosion in September. It’s the month of my birth and I usually feel charitable around that time. As in April when there was new content around every corner, so it will be in September, except, maybe actually more content-full. Expect a schedule in mid-to-late August.

4. Oolong tea, what’s that about?


2 responses to “Arbitrary Thoughts”

  1. Fingrfethr says:

    You’re probably thinking about the porn concierge service from the POV of the consumer. Maybe it would be worthwhile to consider the person who works there as a starting point. Would he be an interesting protagonist for a fantasy story? What does HE want and what might happen to HIM, because of/in spite of/alongside his job?

    • Benji Bright says:

      I think it would certainly be interesting as fiction. Depending on how it was implemented it could be a fun, smutty job or a horror show about being buried under the weight of other people’s libidos…

      Maybe I’ve been reading too much heavily sociopolitically minded science-fiction.

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