An eBook, you say? The devil, you say!

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I’m currently putting together an eBook that I’ll self-publish sometime in the next few weeks. It will contain some stories* that have gotten really great feedback like “The Diner”, “The Interview”, and “Dressing Room” while introducing new characters and scenarios for you to get excited about.

A few stories that have been written for the collection so far are*:

Candid #01 — An anonymous interviewer queries his subject on the desires and fantasies that get him off.
The League — A down-on-his-luck guy applies on a whim for a job with the Superhero League of America and finds that maybe he’s more suited for the job than he thought.
Some Lonely Stranger — Two strangers meet at a bar on Valentine’s Day and an unlikely connection is made.

Stay tuned to this site for more information in the coming weeks.


*This doesn’t necessarily represent the final content of the book. I’m constantly mixing and matching, editing, and producing new content.

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