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A quick, maybe strange idea I had. I had planned to go on longer than three entries, but I got distracted. Story of my life. -B.

A bathroom stall. An irrational hardon. → A whimper. A body bent over and white speedos down around his ankles. A condom wrapper stuck to the bottom of his flip-flops.

A business meeting. A layover. A third gin and tonic. → Hands bound with a silk tie. An ass reddened with the outline of a big hand. “Yes, sir.” “No, sir.” “More, sir.”

A pair of cotton briefs, worn and re-worn. Traded and seeded. Threadbare with use. → A package opened with shaking hands. Its contents pulled out and pulled up over a new set of hips. A smell that fills the room. A slow, careful addition to its legacy.

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My nom de plume is Benji Bright and I’m an erotica writer. I write the kind of smut that I like to read: hot, whimsical, occasionally thoughtful, and sometimes just plain silly. Outside of writing I’m a film buff, a music lover, and an RPG addict. Also I’m a real person: so feel free to contact me.

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