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“I assume you’ve heard of me, the legendary Giovanni Alder-Rabinas.” Giovanni’s smile slid across his face like a slick half-moon.

“Would that I had,” was the lackluster response of the serving boy who gave a curt smile back, without teeth, and went over to another table to serve a group of ruffians at another table whose hands were overflowing with coin.

Giovanni eyed their catch out of the corner of his eye. It was easily over a hundred units of queensgold pieces and it seemed as if it might be even more. From their look, the men could only be mercenaries, but to have pulled off a job that netted so much gold was unheard of. Maybe once upon a time in some fantasy land, but even the monarchy was tightening its purse strings since the drought had begun and two of the mines collapsed. Of course there was also the business of the dragon…

So begins a story called Chevalier that I’ve been writing, on and off, for some time. It, like Adventure School, is meant to be a kind of quasi-satire of fantasy worlds. Basically it follows a group of four terribly flawed and essentially selfish mercenaries. They bicker, fight, drink, drug and screw through a series of interconnected stories. I’ll be working on bringing it to this blog once I have a firmer grip (ahem) around Adventure School unless there’s some kind of unexpected outcry for posting it sooner.

Also I was thinking about spinning off Adventure School into a text adventure using ChoiceScript (more about that engine here). It would feature all new characters, sex (of course) and a strong element of decision making on the player’s part. But a text adventure is a ton of work and a lot of coding, so its something I’d have to think about.

Anyway, that’s today’s news. Thanks for tuning in.


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  1. fingrfethr says:

    Following your link, I wasn't too impressed with the example stories at Choice Script and I'm sure you can spin much better tales. I remember an excellent text adventure from long ago by none other than Douglas Adams (HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE…) called Bureaucracy. In it, trying to change your address at the post office turns into a wacky adventure. It shows up on Google as a download but I'm not sure if there's any way to use it on modern computers. But – there also seems to be a published book version (!?) at Amazon. Anyway, if you can access it, it might provide inspiration for your experiment in text-adventure writing.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll certainly check it out.

    The thing I like about Choice Script is that it's not really object or command based. Using other text adventure creators, Inform, for instance, requires you to spend a lot of time getting familiar with how to create objects, inventories, etc. It helps with immersion, but I'd rather just jump into crafting a narrative. This engine allows complex shenanigans behind the scenes with variables and such that can help create a richer story. It becomes a kind of story with options rather than a game with a story. (I hope that distinction doesn't just exist in my head).

    Hopefully soon I can prove my point, but for the moment I'm waiting for the engine's owners to answer a question I have about licensing.

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