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“Remember to breathe, son,” one of the instructors counselled. “The breath is crucial.” Addison tried to breathe, but there were moments when the pain overrode the pleasure. The solid mass of the faceless golem loomed over him and its monstrous unit pushed inside. He ground his teeth. The instructors jotted notes in their booklets.

When the golem reached sufficient depth, it began fucking him in earnest. The first strokes were deeply unpleasant. His stomach churned. Then a miraculous thing happened, he began to enjoy it. The pain crested.

“Excellent form,” someone mumbled. The instructors were hard under their robes.

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My nom de plume is Benji Bright and I’m an erotica writer. I write the kind of smut that I like to read: hot, whimsical, occasionally thoughtful, and sometimes just plain silly. Outside of writing I’m a film buff, a music lover, and an RPG addict. Also I’m a real person: so feel free to contact me.

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