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New feature today. It’s 99 words — obviously a take off of the 1,000 words project, but shorter. I absolutely LOVE (and occasionally loathe) working within constraints. I wanted to see how short something could be and still tell a cohesive narrative, while being erotically charged. I’m assuming I could go even shorter, but 99 is still a fun, weighty number. So without further ado.


His cock, hard enough to shatter, loomed over me and left a shadow that cut my face in two. “If you want it, take it,” he said. He knew I wouldn’t, couldn’t. I wanted to…of course. He laughed like a car stalling. “Pussy,” he whispered. “Fucking bitch.” He pushed my face with his fists. One then the other. His ring pressed hard into my cheek. Into my jaw. “Piece of shit. Worthless cunt,” he growled. He tapped my cheek three times with his open hand. Almost a slap. His dick drooled mercilessly. “Alright,” he said, then, “open up.”

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