1000[ish] words: Mr. Unshakable vs. Malibu Max

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This piece was written for another website, but didn’t quite fit the tone they were looking for so it’s here now for your amusement. It’s a little longer than 1000 words, so don’t sue me. -Ben.

Mr. Unshakable is enjoying a delightful fruit smoothie when his hideout is suddenly assailed by the klaxon call of the Capital City alarm. He sits up in his chair and tosses the refreshing summertime drink to side. Our hero raps quickly on his console and a visual comes up on his monstrously large computer screen: a heist is in progress somewhere in the city! In moments Mr. Unshakable is costumed and off to thwart this criminal and show him that punishment is it’s own reward!  

* Malibu Max, real name Maximilian Edwards, is a nefarious and cunning thief. Using the specially formulated Maxx Body Spray, he can control the pheromones of his enemies, thus seducing them into doing his bidding. Perhaps it’s the fact that he wields such an awesome weapon that makes him cocky enough to break into the front door of one of Capital City’s largest department stores.

Once Max has the door open, he shakes the beach blond hair out of his eyes and ambles into the store. A pair of dark brown board-shorts sit just below Max’s hips and his pristine white ribbed tank top starts just a few inches higher leaving a prime swath of tanned flesh exposed at his hips. Max goes straight to the men’s section of the store and begins filling two large shopping bags with clothing.

Will this youthful miscreant escape with thousands of dollars in designer apparel? No sooner do we ask the question than Mr. Unshakable arrives, crashing down (perhaps unnecessarily) from the skylight above the store, sending shards of glittering glass everywhere and cutting a striking figure in the moonlight. His costume is tight and leaves little to the imagination, especially the lack of a codpiece of any sort which causes Mr. Unshakable’s sizable package to be pressed luridly against the front of his costume.

“Stop, thief. I command it.”

If Max is shocked by the hero’s presence, he shows no sign. “Chill, dude. I’m just gonna take a couple more things and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“What? No. I’m here to stop you. I’m Mr. Unshakable. Hero of Capital City.”

Max gives Mr. Unshakable a blank look and then snaps his fingers in recognition. “You’re the dude they warned me about. Oh, ok, cool. Well then, Mr. Unshakable. You’ve def met your match!”

If only we could tell Mr. Unshakable to look out! Alas, it is too late. Malibu Max reaches into his pocket and produces a can of Maxx Spray and shoots off a thick cloud of the stuff. Mr. Unshakable, in a suitably unshakable mindset, charges through the cloud intending to smash the can to bits but finds himself strangely uninterested in doing so once he catches a whiff of the mind-altering gas.

“Ha, and ha HA!” says Max, “now you are completely under my control, hero. Too bad you didn’t let me go, now you’ll suffer my wrath!”

Oh no! Mr. Unshakable’s eyes are unfocused, he’s salivating, and his sizable pouch is growing up the side of his costume. Malibu Max has him firmly within his grasp.

“Follow me to the bedding section, hero, and I’ll show you that crime does pay. In dividends of cock!” Max laughs to himself, and when Mr. Unshakable doesn’t laugh as well the villain sprays him in the face with the body spray. The hero then lets out a jaunty giggle.

The malcontent and his enthralled prisoner march to the bedding section of the store where Malibu Max orders Mr. Unshakable to strip. The hero follows this order unshakably, peeling layers of his tight costume and protective padding away to reveal his super-heroic nude form.

“Ok. Now strip me,” Max commands.

Mr. Unshakable does so with admirable gusto considering his altered state of consciousness. It appears that the body spray has inspired great lustiness in our hero! Once Max is naked, his tight, tanned (with not a tan line in sight) surfer’s body drives Mr. Unshakable to his absolute limit. The two engage in a kiss that would bruise the mouth of a normal man, but these are super-humans and their tongues grapple majestically.

They fall into one of the showroom beds and proceed to romp —rather illegally — with unbridled enthusiasm. The two 69 greedily, both hero and villain taking the other’s cock down their throats and working shafts with their hands. A moment later they’re face-to-face grinding their hard dicks against each other in a lather of precum and sweat. Mr. Unshakable’s engorged nipples rub fiercely against Malibu Max and his arousal nearly spirals out of control.

“Don’t cum yet,” Max orders, and Mr. Unshakable, though his balls are tight and his head is purple with need, obliges helplessly.

Max puts Mr. Unshakable on his back and mounts the hero in a practiced motion. Once the rigid cock is inside of him, Max trembles and reaches forward to roughly toy with Mr. Unshakable’s nipples. The muscular hero twitches and moans as the madman mistreats his sensitive chest. Max rocks and bounces on top of his captive, closing his eyes in order to soak in the pleasure radiating from his rear and idly jerking himself off.

Too bad Max has closed his eyes, because he doesn’t see the huge grin spreading across Mr. Unshakable’s face. Is it possible? Could it be true? Yes, yes it is! Mr. Unshakable has been pretending the whole time! Our hero has never been under the influence of the pheromone spray at all.

By the time Max opens his eyes again, the grin is gone, replaced by a look of horny willfulness that Mr. Unshakable doesn’t have to fake. Max pushes down on Unshakable’s rod again and again, compelling it deeper inside himself and driving himself closer to the edge. Both men are covered in sweat and groaning as loudly as the bed frame beneath them. It’s no wonder when Max begins to yell.

“Cum now. Right now. I’m cumming.”

And the two unload together. Max’s spunk arches up over the head of the bed and onto the department store wall, while Mr. Unshakable floods the insides of his villainous “captor”. Max has closed his eyes again and is unprepared for Mr. Unshakable’s bone-crunching bear hug. The careless cad yelps in surprise and tries to command Unshakable to let him go, but that’s not happening.

“You should have done your research, thief. I’m Mr. Unshakable and I only have one weakness. And your silly little body spray is not it.”

“Ok. Ok. Look, bro, let me go and we’ll have the hottest sex ever. For days! It’ll be epic!” Max begs.

Mr. Unshakable shakes his head. “The only place you’re going is the Capital City Super-human Detention Center. Maybe there you’ll learn a valuable lesson about staying out of sticky situations.”

Mr. Unshakable pulls out of his prisoner and his jizz begins to leak out of Max’s hole. The tanned, toned superthief sighs and stops struggling.

“Bummer,” Max mutters moodily.

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