1,000 Words: The Dressing Room

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This entry in the 1,000 words series was inspired by a random Men At Play email on my boyfriend’s phone. I’ve liked the site for some time. I think there is transformative power in a decent suit. On that note…

“Ok. I’m going into the subway, so I’m gonna lose you. Talk later?” “Hold up. I wanted to ask…you got a suit for the rehearsal dinner, right?”

Eddie froze on the last step and mouthed: fuck me.

“Of course I did.”

“Awesome. We won’t have time to do it tomorrow. We have to head straight to Christian’s after work. I’ll pick you up at five exactly.” “Yeah, right. Listen. Going in the subway.”

“Right. See you tomorrow.”

“See you.”

Eddie ended the call and hefted his bike up the steps leading out of the subway station. He checked his watch and cursed again.

Once he had his bike chained to a bike rack he hailed a cab. The cabbie confirmed that the place Eddie had in mind didn’t close for another forty-five minutes and relief flooded him.

The ride was uneventful and the traffic pretty light considering the hour. Restaurants and bars were starting to get the first of the nightlife rush.

They pulled up in front of the place and Eddie paid quickly, tipping generously for the quick service. He walked in and was ‘greeted’ by a security guard who informed him sternly that the store was preparing to close in less than thirty minutes.

He traversed the empty department store with ease. It was one of his favorites and why not? It was cheap, open late, and cheap. A bike messenger wasn’t exactly at the top of the designer clothing food-chain.

Eddie grabbed two suits that were generally his size and not hideous. He headed to dressing room. All the stalls were empty, so naturally he chose the largest one.

He looked at himself at several angles in the three full-length mirrors and laughed. His hair was matted from sweat and helmet confinement. He could no longer read the writing on his black t-shirt after a solid-year of heavy washing; it used to read the name of his employer. His baggy shorts feel way past his knees. He looked 21 at best. No wonder the security guard had seemed suspicious of him.

‘Fuck that,’ Eddie said lazily, and began stripping.  

He dropped his clothes into a pile and regarded himself in the mirror with a grin. He was in good shape. Spending all day on your bike made it pretty easy. Then he frowned. He wouldn’t have time for a haircut; his brother would kill him.

He tried the first suit on and hated it. Too plain. Too dark.

The other suit was different. He could tell as soon as he slid the pants up his hairy legs and over his tight white briefs. He put on a white collared shirt and started buttoned it up her his flat stomach and up his solid chest. His heartbeat quickened. He put on the jacket and closed it and stared.

He was transformed. The light gray pinstriped suit was a perfect fit. It hugged his ass impeccably, it fell easily but confidently across his chest. The pants couldn’t have been a better length. The bike messenger was gone. Eddie felt…worthwhile was the word that came to mind. Another announcement about closing time came and went.

Before he knew what he was doing, he had already unzipped the pants. His fingers went up to uncinch the waist of the trousers, but they didn’t — they hung there. Eddie knew at that moment that he wouldn’t leave without getting off in the dressing room.

He looked over at the door and then back into the mirror, watching himself carefully, as he reached down into his pants and pushed his underwear aside. His dick sprung out of the front of the suit, fully hard, already wet at the tip. He rubbed in the moisture and sucked in a breath.

The sight of himself in the suit was hot, but the hard cock sticking out the front and what he was doing in a public dressing room made it hotter. He touched himself and marvelled at hard it was, he wondered why he had never done this before.

He spat into his hand and rubbed it into the head. He gave his cock a squeeze and groped the shaft. Then he reached back into the pants and liberated his balls. He liked how it looked: his dick and balls hanging next to the jacket’s price tag. He rubbed the tag with his dick and chuckled.

Eddie undid a couple buttons on the shirt and reached in to fondle his nipples. They were hard and every tug sent a jolt straight through him. He watched from a horny distance as the well-dressed, dark haired man in the mirror jerked his cock and tweaked his chest.

His balls ached. His cock spat heavy drops of precum that he let dangle from the tip precariously. Eddie got down on his knees and rubbed his dick head against the cool glass of the full-length mirror before him while staring from every angle. He watched his hard ass clench in his pants and the toes curl on his big, wide feet. It seemed like every time he moved in the suit it turned him on a bit more.

He smeared a long trail of his precum down the mirror and left his dick pressed up against it while he jerked off. Before long the telltale signs started and his hole began to clench. He gritted his teeth and prepared for the orgasm to hit, but it took him by surprise anyway. He cried out, but didn’t stop jerking. His body shook with the force of it. He squeezed down hard on his nipple. The first shot of cum splashed against the mirror and landed on the knee of his pants. The next few fell between his legs.

Eddie blinked when it was over. He stared at the wetspot on the knee of the pants and grinned. He wondered if the cashier would be kind enough not to mention that his purchase was adorned with fresh spunk.

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