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Once a week I’ll have a fresh new story (1,000 words long) right here in this space. This week’s theme is ‘happy poly’ in reference to poly-amorous relationships, but future topics can be up to you: just leave a message or send me an email. Since this feature is all about constraint/restraint your theme has to be three words or less. The ideas can be less thematic and more freeform. 

Read the whole story and hear the song that helped inspire it after the jump.

Soft Landing Place 

“You’ve got to listen to this shit. By far the best thing you’ve ever heard…today,” Caden said as he hopped up onto the counter.

He searched the counter for the audio input cable. Felix just shook his head.

“You’re on my counter, Cade. Your ass is in the way of dinner.” He said in his best deadpan.

“You wish my ass was dinner.” Caden shot back.

“What makes you think it’s not?” Felix replied before slapping Caden’s side with a wooden spoon.

Caden sat his ground and pretended to ignore Felix while scrolling through his mp3 player, but the cook raised a ladle dripping sauce and edged it toward Caden’s clean white t-shirt.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Caden yelped and jumped off the counter.

“Well, now you’ll never know,” Felix mused as he went back the stove, “are you going to play it or what?”

Caden started the music and the kitchen was instantly transformed by warm ambient beats. Felix had never figured out how someone as hyperactive as Caden could focus on making such contemplative music.

Caden grinned. “So you like it?”

Felix gave him a side glance. He was still wearing his massive headphones. His white t-shirt bore the image of an stylized robot weeping oil tears from it’s LCD face. His oversized cargo shorts sat vaguely on the hips of his tall, thin body. Not for the first time, Felix wondered where the hell he had come from.

“C’mere,” Felix said and gestured.

“Why should I? What’s in it for me?”

“Come over here and I’ll show you.”

“I want guarantees, friend,” Caden raised an eyebrow, “not so sure if I should trust the likes of you. You haven’t even said if you like my song or not.”

Felix crossed the kitchen and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. Caden hugged back just as tightly. He nestled his face in Felix’s hair and asked, “Why do you always smell so good?”

Felix shook lose of Caden’s grip and leaned up to kiss him. It was soft and sweet.

“Because I’m awesome,” Felix answered.

Caden was about to respond when they both heard the key in the back door. There was some fumbling with the lock. A muttered ‘fuck’ and then silence. Felix went to the door, but it opened before he reached it.

Jean entered the kitchen with a huge sheet cake in both arms. Before Felix could say anything Jean gave him a pennant look.

“A client gave us this cake because we got her bakery a huge refund. So it’s not my fault and to conclude — it’s not my fault,” he immediately looked over to Caden for backup, “you know both Cliff and his wife are diabetics so he couldn’t take it. It’s good cake. Caden will eat it.”

“Yes, he will.” Caden said as he moved to take the cake out of Jean’s hands. He ate anything.

As Caden wrangled the cake away from him, Jean placed an awkwardly aimed kiss on Caden’s cheek and tousled his shaggy hair. With the cake out of the way, Jean’s arms were free to enfold Felix warmly.

As the hug broke off Jean began lifting pot covers and Felix threatened him with a spoon.

Jean backed away from the stove with both hands in the air. As he was stepping back, Caden stepped forward and put both arms around Jean’s neck. Jean, feigning surprise, attempted to struggle and spontaneous wrestling ensued.

“Seriously, guys?” Felix said, “Get out of my kitchen.”

Jean, laughing, replied, “How much longer before food’s done?”

“About an forty-five minutes.”

“Then come play with us.” Jean implored.

His bright white smile was stunning against his dark skin. The sleeves of his turtleneck were already rolled up and he looked boyishly handsome. Felix spared a look at the food on the stove.

“Forty-five minutes, I’m setting a timer.”

True to his word, Felix set a forty-five minute timer before following his boyfriends into the living room. Caden, ever eager, had already begun to strip. His shirt was flung off into nowhere and he was unzipping his shorts as Jean closed the blinds. Felix and Jean exchanged a look. Their neighbors had probably gotten eyefuls of Caden on several occasions. Felix took off his own shirt and tossed it to the back of their couch as the other two got comfortable on the carpeted floor.

Jean stripped quickly down to his boxer-briefs, Caden was already naked, and Felix was pushing off his sleek black trunks. All were hard.

Caden was the first to initiate contact by slowly pulling Jean’s precum spotted white underwear off his chiseled ass; he groped and fondled it as he did. Felix kissed Jean deeply and gently played with his balls. Jean was pleased and aroused by the attention, he used one hand to bring Felix close to him and another to draw Caden near. The three of them pressed together, writhing their hard cocks against each other and moaning softly together.

They stayed like this a while, grinding on each other and trading kisses in amorous equity. Caden eventually broke away, trailing kisses down Jean’s back and ass until parting Jean’s firm cheeks and flicking a tongue across his hole. Spurned on by Jean’s low groan, Caden flipped onto his back and lowered Jean’s hole greedily onto his mouth. Caden slurped and pried with his tongue and mouth, whispering encouragements between breaths.

Felix, still furiously hard, stood and slowly fed Jean his cock. Jean didn’t slack with his sucking and jerking even as Caden rimmed him enthusiastically. The three of them wheeled in pleasure, panting and jerking, and sucking and eating until Felix issued his warning: Jean had slipped a finger into his hole and Felix was getting close. Caden didn’t need to catch up, he started cumming a moment later as Jean spasmed from his own approaching orgasm. Felix came hard watching them.

The three of them collapsed together to the carpet, reeling and in love.

This story was in part inspired by this song:
I originally heard the song in the movie “Shelter” which is a pretty decent gay-themed film, by the way.
The singer is Shane Mack and you can buy the song on iTunes or Amazon.
Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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