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Every once in a while I get epically, cartoonishly terrible about updating this website. This has obviously happened recently, but fear not: I have not fallen into a well, nor have I absconded on my erotica writing millions to a lovely place on the coast. I’m still here and there are some interesting things in store for the future of this hovel.

I just signed a contract to have this site rebuilt by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Very exciting. I’ll also use that opportunity to release some new stuff!

Be patient with us as we work out the nitty gritty details and get stuff prepared for the re-launch. In the interim, the site will still be open for business and I’ll get back to the business of populating it very soon. I’ve had a project from my non-smut writing life taking a lot of my time recently, but ideally that will be wrapping soon and I’ll have some more wiggle room. I will do a fair amount of wiggling at that point.

Thanks for not hating me,


The Dervish Dance of Gender: Reading Xan West’s Show Yourself to Me


I write to you from a tower.

I’ve been sitting in bed, on my knees, back straight, eyelashes lifting and falling slowly. I imagine myself, briefly, as some haughty, flawless woman with a cruel mouth. The image is hazy and in another moment I’m myself again: a working-class black dude in Illinois who just paid rent this morning and is still cringing at the number in his bank account.

Still, brokeness and all, I am fortunate, beyond fortunate, to live in an able-body and to be able to take this flight of fancy without debilitating fear.

For some of us gender is like living near an airport—an occasional noise that you get used over time—and for others it’s like navigating an airport, but your flight leaves in twenty minutes, and you don’t know the gate, and you have six bags to check; this is to say that gender can be confusing, stressful, and occasionally fucking awful.

So those of us who don’t struggle with and/or question our gender and its construction (a sometimes violent proposition) have the privilege of going through most of our lives without knowing the tension—sometimes frightening, sometimes delicious—of gender play and gender subversion.

The characters in Xan West’s new short story collection Show Yourself to Me are grounded in the soup of gender and sexuality. From Téo, the fragile trans boy of “Tender Sweet Young Thing” to the Daddy of “Dancing for Daddy” who walks the razor-sharp edge of an age play scenario with her beloved princess, Xan’s characters are often working through some serious shit, but they do so with remarkable frankness and empathy.
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New Game Alert: super love explosion

super love explosion screenshot

So I made a new (tiny) game called super love explosion. It’s a ‘cybercutie’ game, as opposed to cyberpunk. It doesn’t have any sex, but play it anyway.

It was written in conversation with this essay by Aevee Bee.

New project: Undie Tales


Discerning readers will have noted that I have a thing for underwear. It has long cross-contaminated my work. This will probably continue to happen. However, I’ve also given my kink a new playground to run around in. Tomorrow at 7AM CST, my new tumblr blog, Undie Tales will go live. It’s a place where kinky (sometimes weird) stories meet a very tumblr-y fate and are joined with assorted images. I’ve already got a few stories lined up and the blog is set to update twice daily Monday through Friday for the immediate future. If it takes off then yaaay, but if not then at least I got all those stories out of my system.

Feel free to check it out starting tomorrow (Wednesday, July 8th) at 7AM Central.

Undie Tales

Leaving the League, Part 7

It’s taken me waaaay too long to write this, but you should know that this all came together in less than a day. I wrote like a man possessed. It’s definitely one of the longer chapters. I hope you guys like it. I think I said there would be one more part to the Leaving the League “Season 2,” but there are actually two more. After that comes the 3rd season with plenty of changes to keep everyone on their toes. I hope you dig it, and lemme’ know in the comments what you think. 😀

Exeter looked as well put together as you would expect from the head of the SLA’s publicity machine, but exhaustion was plainly written across his face.

“Thanks for coming,” I said, and stepped aside so he could enter.

He looked around the office and nodded. “Humble beginnings for your new team. No research and development lab, no weapons testing facility. I have to say, it’s not the greatest secret lair I’ve been invited to.”

“Oh, it’s all below ground. I’ll have to show it to you. There’s a super computer and a grotto with a waterfall.”

“Plush,” Exeter said approvingly.

I let our light banter lift my spirits a bit. It was a brief respite from the insanity that we were planning. Too brief. Continue reading “Leaving the League, Part 7” »

New Game: Supplicant

supplicant_bannerMy new(ish) game, Supplicant, is finally available!

Supplicant follows your travails as the chosen representative to a hedonistic pantheon, destined to bring the testimony of these off-kilter gods to the masses. Well, if you make it out of their twisted realms, anyway.

– A disposition system which—for the most part—dictates what kind of options are open to you with each god. Some respond well to faith, while others reward skepticism.
– Twelve unique scenarios and four very different deities.
– A novella length script.
– More gay stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Play it here. And, if you’d like to help generate other cool stuff, consider supporting my work on Patreon. That would be rad of you.

Thank you to the people who offered suggestions about potential scenarios and a big THANKS to my patreon sponsors. You are liquid, solid, and gaseous forms of awesome.

Things and Stuff—Updates for May/Early June

Hey all,

I’ve been characteristically terrible about updating, but I have a few things to mention.

  • The folks over at Choice of Games are running a charity auction which benefits homeless youth. I haven’t talked too much about my association with CoG, but they’re publishing a non-porn related game of mine. More info on that whenever the release gets closer, but for now you can earn a spot in one of their upcoming games and help out at risk young people at the same time. Check that out here.
  • My next game, Supplicant, is coming out next Wednesday (6/3). It’s a smut game in the vein of Fuck That Guy and God(s). It follows an individual chosen to receive the gospel of several sexy gods. Your disposition changes their reaction to you, unlocking unique paths. You can play the game now, without any wait, by donating to my Patreon.
  • If you haven’t heard, I’ve been involved in a few recent books: Videogames for Humans: Twine Authors in Conversation came out via Instar Books and has been getting fabulous press, and The Flesh Made Word: Erotic Tales of Writing from Circlet Press contains “Rival Pens” which is one my best short stories.
  • Finally, if you want to hear me saying somewhat sexy things to you, go listen to audio of my story “Paul” from my micro-fiction collection Boy Stories. You can hear (and buy) at Go Deeper Press.

I think that’s it for now. Happy reading!


Suggestion Box!

So the suggestion box is now technically closed, at least for this project. I’m going into the last stretch of production and then release soon follows. Thanks for everyone who emailed me your sexy, sexy ideas. That said, if you’d like to email me more ideas, the lines of e-communication are always open. You can use this box and send me stuff to consider for future projects.

Thanks again for your help making my next thing the best thing.


Free Boy Stories Download, This Weekend!

GDP011-BoyStories_Cover300Hey kids,

Somebody told me that you like free stuff. I won’t say who it was. An anonymous source, you know the drill. Anyway, my friends over at Go Deeper Press want you to have a copy of Boy StoriesIt’s a collection of tiny-sized fiction that’s smutty-minded, at times weird, and perfect for short attention spans. It’s basically me in eBook form.

Here’s the catch: it’s available this weekend only. Head over to Amazon between Friday, March 27 and Sunday, March 29 for a gratis download.

Pop over to Go Deeper HQ for more info. Oh, and if you like the work consider dropping a few bucks in the coffer of my patreon. Consider it a tip, or a tithe, if that’s what you’re into.

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