Friction Series: Close Quarters

So this is the first entry of a new series of stories called “Friction.” These are pretty much just self-indulgent spankbait, designed to showcase my pervert id and arouse me without paying too much attention to inconsequential things like making sense. 

Angus Mesner woke up ten minutes before his alarm, climbed out of bed, and started his morning stretches. He brewed a pot of coffee and put news radio on his phone’s speakers so he could listen while he showered. Afterward he got dressed: tight white boxer briefs that he took a minute to admire as he slid them up over his round ass, firm thighs, and ample bulge, along with a pair of charcoal slacks and a matching polo. He left at exactly five minutes to eight so that he could catch the eight-fifteen bus to work. Continue reading “Friction Series: Close Quarters” »

Hey, whatcha’ working on?

I’m totally ganking this straight from a recent io9 post, but out of curiosity, and because I think what people get up to is totally fascinating: what are you working on?

Writing a novel? Started a new project at work? Just starting any one of my numerous stories or books? Painting your apartment?

Feel free to remain as anonymous as you need to, but if you’re an international spy or criminal on the run, maybe just share your cover story.


Salt & Scale


The boy had no name when he came up the mountain, dressed in the tatters of another life. A bald, smiling monk carried him the rest of the path up to monastery to spare his callused, bleeding feet. The monk and his brothers gave they boy bread and watered wine. They asked him what he most wanted in the world and he looked up, pointed to the hard, half-stale bread, and said, “salt.”


The boy, whom the monks called Salt, was a fast learner. He worked without complaint for hours and asked only relevant questions. Those monks who had worried that a young man amongst them would be a noisy distraction were quickly proven wrong. Salt never spoke about the past that brought him, thin as a reed and with bleeding feet, up the mountain pass. And the monks, if they were curious or not, never asked.

One day, the abbot sat next to Salt at the morning meal and asked, “do you know what it is we try to learn here?”

Salt shook his head.

The abbot smiled, and said, “we aim to know what we don’t. To find what is missing.”

“You’ll never be finished then,” Salt said.

The abbot laughed kindly.

“No,” he said, after a while. “I suppose not.”


Salt’s cell had only a straw mat, a small window high up on the wall, a weathered urn for passing water in the night when it could be unsafe to go out, and a small ledger where he practiced his letters. Sometimes the monks would gift him with a tallow candle or two which he quickly burned through despite the greasy smoke.

If he held out both his arms he could almost touch the walls. Even so, it took Salt almost a month to notice the other boy living in his cell.

Continue reading “Salt & Scale” »

A preview of God(s)! —My New Twine Game

I’m working on a brand new piece of short twine fiction. It’s similar in process to Fuck That Guy, but the tone here is a little lighter and frothier. I’m giving myself about a week to get it all written and packaged, so expect it soon. You can check out the dev blog (such that it is) here.

The game, called God(s)! is a slice-of-life interactive fiction concerning the comings and goings of a god of desire. You’ll navigate his life as he encounters  his dead beat ex, the hot (but temperamental) new barista at his favorite cafe, and of course, the endless sea of supplicants looking for quick romantic fixes.

I hope you like it and keep an eye on that link above for more information about the project and to see a little teaser image.


I ask you to punish me and I’m surprised when you say no because I don’t realize that the punishment has already begun. My typewriter keys are the only noise besides the refrigerator humming behind my head while I sit on the floor, waiting for your text message to light up the dark kitchen. I squirm for a half hour, waiting, and writing these words before you text me back. I want an accurate ledger of my desire. I want this to mean something. Everything. Continue reading “Suitable” »

Up top, bro!

I’ve been super busy with work and one huge project that I’m desperately trying to finish in my other life, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you, dear reader.

I’m conceptualizing something new that may turn out to be nothing, but hopefully it will be super sweet. Fingers crossed.

I’m still retooling and retooling the Boys Club package (heh heh “package”) that I talked about a few posts ago. I still want to offer it because there are some really great stories in there that I honestly think are anthology quality and nothing would please me more than offering it directly to you lovely bastards. It’s already over 15 pages of filth and counting!

Other than that, things are somewhat quiet in Ben-land. Anybody want to play a game of pinocle?


Nifty’s Finest

nifty's finestA quick rundown of some of the best stuff I’ve found in the outlaw sea that is This feature was suggested by Thomas (@alikchialeika) on twitter and I was happy to oblige. This isn’t a comprehensive list by any means and the stories that I put on this list need only amuse or titillate me; literary merit or even grammatical consistency be damned. 

The Exile Series by M Patroclus—this fantasy series was one of the first I read on Nifty that convinced me complex narratives with frequent digressions away from pure sex were possible. I haven’t kept up with it as well as I’d like over the years, but the first six or seven chapters were a big influence on me when I started writing erotic fantasy.

Dumb Horny Jock by CJ—I’ve highlighted these stories before, but it bears repeating: this story is all fun, unserious porniness in a delightfully tongue-in-cheek package. This is the kind of series that I sometimes wish I wrote. It’s full of big dicks, raging libidos, low-hanging balls and lower IQs. The author also has a tumblr: here.

Knows Best by Natty Soltesz—I’ll say upfront that this story is incest-themed which understandably squicks some people out. That said, Natty Soltesz revels in intergenerational tropes and uncovers the sexiness in them like few others. He’s a writer in his own caliber. You can also check out some choice selections at his website like Biology Lesson and After Hours.

Something Wicked This Way Cums by Tanda—Silly title? I agree. But don’t pass up the story just yet. It’s the horror-tinged tale of an incubus perverting a young man possessed of a very malleable mind. This was a story I read while still in high school (way back when!) and it’s stayed in the back of my mind since. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve spent many…erm…miles on this one.

So those are my picks for my first Nifty spotlight feature. What are some Nifty stories that you’ve adored? Couldn’t live without? Or, conversely, couldn’t WAIT to stop reading?


Pixel Boyfriend #3: He wouldn’t be crying if he was MY devil.

pixel boyfriend

Ok, ok. So the title of this article sucks, but hopefully since this is a new entry on a feature that’s been on life support for at least a year you’ll forgive me. This entry is all about Dante.

Say hello, Dante:


Aloha from Sexytown.

Demon-killer, wiseass, and “disaffected youth” with a heart of sorta gold, Dante strikes all the right notes for the millennial hero.

DMC: Devil May Cry is the 2013 reboot of Capcom’s frenetic action series. You play as Dante—the smart-mouthed son of an angel and demon—whose mission becomes the eradication of the demon overlords quietly ruling  all human existence. The game’s story is palatable, but Dante is more so.

Undershirts as outerwear? You make me forget myself, Dante...

Undershirts as outerwear? You make me forget myself, Dante…

As a game, DMC (I’m not referring to it as DMC: Devil May Cry for the rest of this article, because that title is dumber than a truckload of rocks. Why abbreviate and then flake out on your own abbreviation? DNDC: Don’t know, Don’t care) is perhaps too self-consciously gritty. I love seeing adult narratives in games, but there were several points where I felt the game was trying too hard to be a rated R action film. Good thing this isn’t a game review.


Back inside me…wait, what?

What’s interesting about Dante’s redesign from his earlier incarnation which you can see here, is how intentionally they’ve sexed him up. In a gaming culture that’s been slow to address anything beside the straight, male gamer’s gaze, Dante represents something of a pleasant shift in direction: A male character designed, at least in part, to be unabashedly sexy. Interestingly, DMC and Dante comes from Ninja Theory the same developers who created Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and the standout character Monkey, whom I salivated over in my inaugural Pixel Boyfriend. Both characters are sexualized (crazy tight jeans, pronounced hip bones, bare chests [though only occasionally in Dante's case]) beyond the average big budget studio main character.

As for his personality, well, nobody’s perfect. Still I didn’t mind looking at him throughout my 10+ hour play-through.

He does wear clothes in the game, if I remember correctly.

He does wear clothes in the game, if I remember correctly.

Copyright & Attribution Stuff. <click me>

Dante, DMC: Devil May Cry, and Devil May Cry are copyright CAPCOM and NINJA THEORY. The gifs and screencaps were grabbed from various internet sources:

The 1st gif is watermarked from here. While the second one came from here. The first screencap is from another tumblr, sadly I don’t remember which. The second is from the Devil May Cry wiki, linked above.



Sometimes you watch a pornographic performance that makes you think, “Fuck! Sex is awesome, isn’t it?”

Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing the fruit of my, er, labor.