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So the suggestion box is now technically closed, at least for this project. I’m going into the last stretch of production and then release soon follows. Thanks for everyone who emailed me your sexy, sexy ideas. That said, if you’d like to email me more ideas, the lines of e-communication are always open. You can use this box and send me stuff to consider for future projects.

Thanks again for your help making my next thing the best thing.


Free Boy Stories Download, This Weekend!

GDP011-BoyStories_Cover300Hey kids,

Somebody told me that you like free stuff. I won’t say who it was. An anonymous source, you know the drill. Anyway, my friends over at Go Deeper Press want you to have a copy of Boy StoriesIt’s a collection of tiny-sized fiction that’s smutty-minded, at times weird, and perfect for short attention spans. It’s basically me in eBook form.

Here’s the catch: it’s available this weekend only. Head over to Amazon between Friday, March 27 and Sunday, March 29 for a gratis download.

Pop over to Go Deeper HQ for more info. Oh, and if you like the work consider dropping a few bucks in the coffer of my patreon. Consider it a tip, or a tithe, if that’s what you’re into.

Game Day: FCK U.


FCK U, the spiritual successor to Fuck That Guy, is now ready for prime time.

Welcome to prestigious Francis C. Koen University. Our student body is smart, vibrant, and engaged in everything from cutting-edge experimental psychosexual research to extreme male bonding off-campus at the Chi Upsilon Mu fraternity house. Our professors are hands-on and our state of the art film theatre is a meeting place for truly discerning cinephiles.

FCK U where students come. To learn.

The game is playable here.

Thanks to Johnny Murdoc for graciously designing the school crest featured in-game and providing the school’s tagline. Also the image above was modified, but the original can be found here.

Early February Update

I’ve been radio silent for a while, but I’ve got developments in store for you! This Thursday, FCK U which is the spiritual successor to Fuck That Guy will be available to you guys for the very very low price of nothing. Also, a fresh and exciting fiction project has been commissioned by a reader and that should be online at some point toward the end of this week! Hint: it has something to do with this gem. If you’d like to commission something for yourself just head over to the custom erotica page and let me know what you’d like to read. Prices increase this Friday, since I’ve got less time on my hands these days and I’ve gotta’ be a little more selective. Sorry! But if you get your request in before the 6th, then you’ll get me for insanely cheap.

Also, have you checked out my patreon account? Those folks have been enjoying FCK U for weeks and they’re about to get early access to my next game soon. Consider donating $3 or more and join in on the fun.

Thanks for stopping by (or letting me interrupt your day, if you’re reading this in your email)


New Game Alert: FCK U.


In January of 2013 I made a little game in Twine called Fuck That Guy. It ended up getting some positive attention and I was really happy with the game’s reception overall.

I’ve written a sort of low-key, low stakes spiritual sequel called FCK U. which follows a college student through several sexual scenarios ranging from a clandestine encounter in the library stacks to full-on fraternity group sex. The game is sponsored by the proceeds of my ongoing Patreon campaign and by signing up for a pledge of $1 per project* you can access the game right now. However, the reason behind the campaign is to fund the games on this site and keep them free so if you don’t want to put down your hard-earned cash then you can play FCK U. right here starting on February 5th.

*Please note that a $1 pledge will get you access to FCK U. but won’t get you early access to future games. You’ll have to bump up to $3 for that perk, sorry for any confusion on that point.

Leaving the League, Part 6

Whew! So this took me long enough, didn’t it? In two more chapters I’ll finally wrap up the second season of the League series. I’ve started to sketch out the next season which will feature new characters and surprising revelations. So basically par for the course. Thanks to everybody who has been enthusiastic about this series even while it was on hiatus. You guys rock. 

Jack Valence had made the leap from musical tastemaker to celebrity superhero after admitting to having powers and forming the Orthodoxy. Of course I was under the impression that the Orthodoxy, for all its rebellious attitude, still functioned under the aegis of the SLA. I voiced these concerns to Boros, who sighed and shook his head ruefully.

“I can’t speak to Jack’s intentions. We take missions collectively as the Orthodoxy, but we also work independently. I can’t say what Jack thought he was doing here…”

“And we’re supposed to believe you’re here by coincidence? Or is it out of the goodness of your heart?” Ringo snapped.

The ringed superhero stood with arms crossed beside Justin, who looked none too pleased to be suppressing the powers of a room full of notable people with abilities. Boros didn’t back down.

“We didn’t see eye-to-eye. He found the job amusing so he took it. Pit some of the most well-recognized forces in Capital City against each other and see what shakes out? It’s a prankster’s wet dream.

“But have you asked yourselves what you’re all here?” Continue reading “Leaving the League, Part 6” »

What now?

So for the last few months I worked really hard on putting out Gods—which has accumulated a ton of plays and I guess people are happy with it! I’ve been wondering what’s next and perhaps you have as well. My hope was that my Patreon campaign would take off, giving me more resources to pour into my next game, but that hasn’t happened as yet. It’s a mixed blessing. The down time has allowed me to revisit a few projects that have been dormant. That said, I’m going to be working on Leaving the League again. I spent most of the day re-reading the series (and ack! My writing/editing skills have grown significantly since I started) and I’m finally ready to start working on it again.

I’m also in the midst of development on Bad Radicals of the Golden State which is a little bonus game that will be made available exclusively through my Patreon campaign. Beyond that I’ve started to spitball at the idea of a longer game taking place in the world of my djinn cycle stories, including The Flavor Triptych. Whew!



God(s) — Version 1.0

gods banner

Cupid starts his morning trying to decide whether or not to evict his long-suffered ex-boyfriend, Helios—who happens to be the sun personified—after a couple millennia of living together. His day gets more complicated from there. 

My months-in-development erotic twine game, God(s), is now fit for public consumption. It features:

– A script that clocks in at over 25k words.
– 5 Fuckable Characters (most with multiple sex options).
– 14 Unique Endings.
– A branching narrative that keeps track of previous choices.
– Art by the most excellent Jubell.
– A seriocomic tone that has players “literally lolling,” “Dead!” and “still giggling.” It has also been described as “very saucy” and “…so hot”

If you like this game and want to see more like it, support my brand new Patreon account!

God(s) — Playable Now!

So I’ve been working on this game for months now and it’s finally in a playable form for the first time! This is to be considered an alpha release because I haven’t play-tested strenuously enough to guarantee that you won’t encounter something totally broken, but I’m confident that most (if not all) of the 13 (!!!) endings are obtainable in this version. Again, this is not a finished product and you may encounter game-breaking bugs, if you’d like to play a more finished product, please just hang out for another few days while I put the finishing touches on the project.

Before version 1.0 is ready I’ll still have to incorporate more art into the finished project, clean up some of the code, and refine the overall presentation. However I’m so stoked for you to try this out that I could wait another day! Let me know if you dig it. Let me know if you encounter any bugs.



Click the gentleman above to play the game or hit the following link.

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